Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai – Fuji TV 2012 Winter

Cast:  Ohno Satoshi, Aragaki Yui, Sato Ryuta.

This drama is fun to watch!!  It's fast.. fun.. but not wow!!  I would like to see Yui act again with Ohno..

Moau (Japanese Drama 2008)

(There are MAJOR SPOILERS here so beware!!!)

This is the second drama i see for Ohno.. another brilliant acting!!

Again Revenge!!  When i read it was about revenge i knew the ending won't be happy for the main character.. he might die or go to prison.. :/  but i watched it anyway because i wanted to see Ohno's acting.. and was prepared for the worse..

Btw.. i really hate Toma's acting!!! Wareee.. but i don't like it.. -____-  and he's too noisy here..

I didn't like the story much and the ending sucks.. but Naruse-san's character was charming!! :P  This is the first drama i root for the bad guy!!  O_o  i sympathized with him until the end!!  I also felt sorry for his sister and Shiori.. but nothing for Serizawa's family :P  (this drama will turn you into evil!!!).

There are bad points in this drama!!  First of all, for a detective to rely on seers is somewhat strange, ne???  Very unprofessional!!

And anyway, Naruse gave them hints all the way and still the cops were so stupid!!

Also, at first when they suspected Naruse-san!!! Why didn't they search his apartment with a warrant???  -____-  they could find that red room of his..

What i hated about the ending is that they both died!!  And by mistake.. that's a total of 4 death in the series by mistake!!  :/  i thought it was a very silly ending!!

It's ok if one of them died.. doesn't matter which one.. but both of them dying -___- what's the poin't of the story!!!  It remind me of CLAMPS stories when they reach the end they kill off all the characters.. -_____-  it's a waste of our time!!!  I hate endings like that!!!

Reyusei no Kisuna - Drama

I thought it would be a gloomy drama.. but when i started watching it, i was surprised with the comedy in it..

The three main actors were good.  I knew Erika Toda.. and she's really a great actress..  i also knew Ryo before.. but it was a first for me to see Nino in acting..

He was really good!  The role suited him so much as an older brother..

In the first episodes i was a little bored..  cause the main story wasn't improving.. but starting from ep 5 you won't stop until the end!!

The children acting wasn't good!!  It was a pain to watch it!!!

SPOILERS..  maybe:

When they talk about revenge in J-dramas i go -________-

But surprisingly the ending was satisfying in the end.. though the killer should have been kicked at least, the jerk!!

Also i'm glad the little sister didn't end up with one of her brothers.. that could have been weird..

Kagi no Kakatta Heya
I must say, this is one of the best dramas i saw this year...  XD

I watched it 3 times.. and i might do so in the future.. i wish they would make a second season, where they reveal more of Enomoto's true self!!  And more mystery cases!!

The three main characters were all Great!!!  I watched the drama mainly cause Erika Toda was in it.. and she's a great actor.. but then Ohno Satoshi really caught my attention!!  His acting is great too.. along with the third guy called Serizawa.. lol.. loved the way he ran in the series..

Each one of them complete the other..  Just great!!

((What's coming are all SPOILERS, so beware!!!)) probably..

Episode 1 was a little boring at first.. but then i couldn't stop until the last ep!!

The director did a good job!!  Even the music took you from a mood into another..  when ur not paying attention, the music tells you something funny just happened..and u wake up!!!

Ep 2 mystery was nice.. science lovers would love this ep..!!  Me?  -____- i didn't even strain my brain to figure it out..  Enomoto will sovle this.. so let's just watch!!!

Ep 3  well, i know nothing of this Shoji game?! (was the name right?) but the interaction between Enomoto and Junko is getting a little interesting!!  Although Aotu is a bit annoying.. it seems Enomoto doesn't mind her being around!!  Also, at the end when he tried to cheer her up was cute somehow..

Ep 4 it was a creepy episode!! DX  i hate hairy spiders!!!  And i wasn't convinced much with the changing a spider's look!!!  Is that even possible?!  Especially from someone who deals with them for the first time!??

But it had it's funny moments!! I liked especially when Enomoto enters the pet shop and faces the big turtle!! lol... also when he solves the mystery.. Junko goes and announces that the Room was Unlocked XD

Ep 5  This was sooo funny.. especially the running scene... i love it how Enomoto is slightly rude to Serizawa, you can see that in every ep.!!!  And Serizawa being jealous of the police officer calling Enomoto to help!!  Also when he grumbles to himself or to them when he's pissed off!!!

The mystery was good too... but i felt sorry for the criminal somehow!!!

Ep 6  My favorite Case!!  I liked it too cause at the start of the ep they even tried it on the viewers too.. I didn't notice at all!!  is it because i was reading the subtitles?!  What about those who saw the raw??  Did they notice it??

Although it was done cleverly!!  But the criminal did two stupid mistakes in front of Enomoto!!  The first when he went to his office.. the second was when he was training with his slow motion walk!!!  The second one was a deadly mistake!!!!

Ep 7  Had the most shocking end!!  Again the interaction between the three is very interesting.. it was fun to watch!!

Ep 8  Was about the mangaka who was killed by one of her assistants.. again Serizawa got envolved because of his big mouth and asked Enomoto for his help!!  XD He even stole Enomoto's line!!  Lol..shameless.. even after he got mad and lectured him!!!

The last scene was the cutest yet between Aoto and Enomoto!!  Lol, never thought he could get excited with such a complement!

Ep 9  One of my favorite ep.  and the funniest!!  Though the case was abit weird!!

Ep 10 & 11  Was good too!!  I especially liked the last scene in ep 10, when Tamaki x Enomoto stared at each other!!!

The end was the best!!  The last minutes in the series was the most exciting!!!  Leaves the viewer going EEhhh!!!  And it ended without knowing the truth about Enomoto!!!

Although they gave alot of hints of him being a theif!!!  There are also hints that he's not!!  So it leaves the viewer to decide and choose whatever...

For me i think he's not a theif!!

(i'll explain later.. so ja mata!!)

This is my first time into LJ, so i'm a bit lost!!

I was thinking what to write here for a while.. and i thought since i watch a lot of J-dramas.. maybe i'll write previews of them.. they would be mainly my personal opinions.. so no need to start a fight over it.. if anyone has a different view you could comment.. ur welcome..

Before J-drama i was really addicted to anime and manga.. at first i used to refuse to watch dramas.. but when i heard they made an adaptation to one of my favorite anime, i thought i should watch just this one at least!!!  -___-  it was a bait!!

The anime was Honey & Clover!!  I loved that anime soooo much XD, why?  It's about Art and Art students.. so loved it... -i used to be in art college-.  My favorite was the crazy Morita.. lol.. he's a good example of an art student..

I've seen it a long time ago.. and i really liked it.. one thing i hated was the guy who played Morita  :|  He killed him!!!  I hated his acting!!

The other actors were good.. especially the main female.. but i really hated Morita X..(  



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